Muscle Tan

Base Tan Spritz

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Base Tan was created specifically for the body building industry to deliver a deep dark base coat for competitors. Base Tan delivers an extra layer of colour depth infused with a range of natural ingredients that almost instantly dry when it falls onto the skin. No smell, no fragrance, no parabens, super- fast drying, you will simply love it! Experience the difference today.

Features & Benefits:

• Deep Bronze

• Gentle on the skin

• Moisturisers

• Odourless

• Very fast drying, no tacky feelings


Prep skin prior to using Base Tan with Muscle Prep Spray. Spritz Base Tan onto the application glove, then using a circular motion apply evenly. Apply 1-2 coats of Base Tan, dry well between coats. For best results leave Base Tan on for 8 hrs before rinsing. Do not use soaps or shampoo prior or directly after your base coat.

Top coat will be applied at competition